Shower Routine For Healthy Skin

Posted in Skincare on June 28 2022 at 02:52 PM

You can get healthy glowing skin without spending a fortune, but how you may ask? Well, keep reading to know!


A good shower routine not only work on your skin it is also great for your mental health. Working overtime, need to de stress? Hop in the shower and relax!


Mood elevators in shower:

1. Use scented products - be it skincare products, candles or essential oils.

2. Introduce plants in your bathroom. If you can’t take care of them even artificial ones will do the job.

3. Follow an extensive pampering routine.


Here’s how to have a relaxing and wholesome shower:

1. Remove makeup first: Use a gentle oil cleanser to remove all traces of makeup. You do not want your mascara running on your face while in the shower right!?

2. Avoid hot showers: We know nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath and it’s a bummer. Prolonged use of hot water on your skin will strip off its natural oils.

3. Moisturise while skin is still damp: Get the most out of your body care products by applying them on damp skin. This way it will also get absorb faster and you will not get any sticky feeling.

Our favourite bath products that you should definitely check out:


1. Hawaiian Rumba Shower Gel - 240 ml 



2. Natural Hydrating & Non-Drying Body Wash - 300 ml 



3. Rose Body cleanser - 300 ml 



  • Plum BodyLovin Hawaiian RumbaShower Gel
  • Natural Hydrating & Non-Drying Body Wash - 300 ml
  • Rose Body cleanser - 300 ml
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