Tips For Sweat-Proof Makeup

Posted in Makeup on June 16 2022 at 11:22 PM

Some of the major makeup issues in summer are cakey foundation, smudged mascara, sticky lipsticks, shiny forehead and more. At times it gets embarrassing in public and not to mention ruins your well-put-together look.


We have some tips for you to keep your face looking fresh and clean no matter what’s the weather:


1. Always keep a blotting paper / matte compact with you. These will help in soaking extra sheen from your skin without moving the makeup.

2. Start with a minimal skincare routine. Avoid any heavy formula or layering too many products. In our opinion just a cleanser and sunscreen will do.


3. Use a mattifying primer. A good base will go a long way. Primer will help you achieve an oil free and intact makeup look throughout the day.

4. Skip the foundation. Go for a concealer or a bb cream. Less is more in this heat, foundation might make your skin look cakey and dull.

5. Use waterproof eyeshadows, eyeliner and mascara. Nobody likes having panda eyes at 10 in the morning.

6. Lock it. Get your hands on a good setting spray that will keep your makeup looking fresh while also keeping it in place.


7. Drink plenty of water! The more you hydrate and cool your body the less you are likely to sweat. 


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