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How Long to Keep Your Beauty Products

Everyone is guilty of keeping makeup and skin-care products on their counters for longer than they should. For the sake of your skin, hair, and body, it's time to say "out with the old" in the New Year.



Mascara and liquid or gel eyeliner: Three- or four-months 

When you apply eye makeup, bacteria from your lashes and lids enter the wand or brush, which then returns to the bottle when you close it.


Lip gloss and balm: A year

First and foremost, congrats if you managed to keep a lip product for an entire year without losing it! It's now time to bid farewell. Consider the number of germs you're exposing it to multiple times per day.


Liquid foundation: A year

Even though foundation is technically safe to keep for a year, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure it doesn't go bad on you.


Anything powder (blush, eyeshadow, foundation, etc.): Two years

Because bacteria cannot thrive in the absence of moisture, powder products are generally less filthy than liquid products.


Skin care

Cleansers: One year later

You should wash your face on a regular basis (at least every night if not morning and night).


Serums: Six months later

Change your serums at least twice a year, which may be the most unpleasant news ever. This is because water-based formulations can be a breeding ground for microorganisms.


Moisturizers: Six months to a year

If you're using a water-based moisturiser, it's advisable to say goodbye after only six months (because to the high concentration of H2O, which is another bacteria-friendly playground). However, if your go-to is oil-based, you can keep it for a year (bacteria can't grow as easily in oil).


Body lotion: Six months to two years

When it comes to lotion, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution—it all depends on what you're working with. Many traditional lotions can last up to two years if stored properly. Oil-only products can be stored without water for up to 18 months.


Shower Products

Body wash: Six months

Given that your body wash is what keeps you clean, you'll want to make sure it stays that way. If you don't finish a bottle in less than six months, toss it and start over at least twice a year.


Scrubs: Six months

When it comes to scrub storage, keep them out of the shower, especially if they're in a tub or jar.


Shampoo and conditioner: Two or three years

Consider this your new justification for washing your hair only once a week.
Posted in Skincare January 09 2022 at 11:46 PM

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