Is Your Skincare Product Working For You?

Posted in Skincare on February 28 2022 at 02:24 PM

Signs that the product is effective include: Makeup and debris are completely removed, leaving no trace. Skin should be plump, supple, and well-moisturized. Forget the word "squeaky clean"; if your skin feels tight or dry, it's likely because your skin's protective barrier has been destroyed. Get rid of that cleaner and replace it with one that is gentler.

When can you expect to see results? Almost immediately. The long-term benefits of proper washing include clear skin and the absence of spots. I don't think we can expect much more from a cleanser; they don't spend nearly enough time on the skin to achieve any significant results.



Signs that the product is effective: To be honest, I don't anticipate much from toners and mists other than a little hydrating. These are feel-good products for me; I enjoy using them since they moisten the skin and aid in the absorption of serums and moisturisers.

When can you expect to see results? Immediately.



Your skin is really soft and plump, which is a sign that the product is working. For a short time, fine wrinkles may vanish and you will have a healthy glow.

When should you expect results? There are both immediate and long-term consequences. Because good moisturisers work practically instantly (assuming your skin isn't overly dry), your skin should feel softer to the touch. You should wake up with gorgeous, glowing skin if you use these (or other night creams) overnight. The end consequence is simply that your skin is pleased and nourished in the long run.



Oil for the Face

Signs that the product is effective include: It's a lot like moisturising. The skin seems plump, hydrated (but not greasy), and typically brighter.

When to expect results: After the product has had time to sink in, which is usually a few hours later or overnight if you used the oil in your nighttime routine. Most face oils also contain antioxidants and other active components, so it will take a few weeks for them to reach their full potential.


Exfoliants/Acid Products

Signs that the product is effective include: When you apply the product, you will notice some tingling and possibly some redness. Small bumps and textural imperfections will go, and your skin will appear glowing, even, and not dull after using an acid product.

When to expect results: 3-4 weeks after starting to use acids, although longer-term benefits can take up to 3-4 months. You can also evaluate the effect in the opposite direction - after I stopped using exfoliating treatments, my skin texture deteriorated significantly.


Vitamin C Supplements

Signs that the product is effective include: You should notice brighter, firmer skin as a visible sign. Vitamin C, on the other hand, is a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging substance that works in the background to provide long-term effects. Expect effects in 4-6 weeks if you use it consistently (2-3 times a week).


Products containing retinol

The initial symptoms that the treatment is working are unpleasant: your skin may become dry, flaky, and peel, especially with stronger retinol creams. After 1 or 2 weeks, this should begin and last for another 1-2 weeks. Retinol is similar to Vitamin C in that it has visible effects (brighter, smoother skin, disappearing fine lines), but it's also important in the long run to slow down the ageing process (it's one of the few proven ingredients that can do so). I can't comment on the anti-aging effects because I don't have wrinkles or lines yet (so I use it as a preventive measure), but I did have some acne scars on my forehead (nothing major, but still apparent to me) that started to even out and become much smoother after 2 months. Results are expected in 2-3 months, but it might take up to 6 months. The stronger the retinol (prescription medications, for example), the faster the favourable outcomes manifest.



Signs that the product is effective include: It depends on the serum in question, whether it's for brightening, anti-aging, curing spots/blemishes/acne, and so on. Results should be expected after 6-8 weeks. Serums typically contain active chemicals that take longer to function, so it's worthwhile to commit to one for a few months.



If it's a brightening, exfoliating, or hydrating mask, you should surely notice something – usually glowy, plump, smooth skin. If my skin appears completely the same after using the mask, I know it's not working. Clay masks are an exception; they take a while to clear your skin, but after a few days, you should see some clear symptoms (typically spots).

When should you expect to see results? Immediately, overnight, or in a few days. However, because the effects do not stay, I believe serums, Vitamin C products, and retinol are far more vital in a beauty routine.


Treatments for Acne

Clearer skin, improved acne, less inflammation and redness are all signs that the treatment is working. When should you expect results? Depending on the product, it could take up to two months of continuous use for over-the-counter medications. It's possible that medical items given by a doctor will require less time (1.5-2 months if your acne is serious and all over the place). If you simply have one or two cystic acne bumps, some prescription medications can help you get rid of them in as little as two weeks.
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