• Put Simply

    Put Simply aims to fix your skin barrier issues...


Healthy Barrier = Healthy Skin

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I've been trying all the products from a newly launched Korean Skincare brand PUT SIMPLY & I'm in Love with them already. With so much overwhelming skincare launches everyday, their products was like breath of fresh air for me.

Put Simply prioritize the creation of good products that (are good for and kind to) your skin barrier, targeting the underlying (the root) causes of your skin concerns and helping you own a routine that you can stick to, consistently.

? Get Your Greens Cleanser ( ₹779 for 120 ml )

This beautiful cleanser has a gel consistency with a green hue, enriched with Cica, Japanese Mugwort, Green Tea, Neem etc. It foams up nicely and give a thorough cleanse. Doesn't strip off my skin natural oil balance, maintains skin pH and skin feels soft and hydrated post wash.

? Water Dam Moisturizer ( ₹849 for 50 gm )

This has a light weight gel cream consistency. It hydrates your skin immediately and gives a beautiful hydrated glow. With 35% Centella Asciatica, Niacinamide, Panthenol & Shea Butter it calms down my easily irritated skin and strengthens my skin barrier. All skin types will enjoy this tremendously

? Beat The Sun Sunscreen ( ₹899 for 50 gm )

This has that Kbeauty Signature Sunscreen Consistency ( if you used a Korean Sunscreen before, you will know what I mean ). Extremely light weight lotion consistency which blends in like a dream. Doesn't sting my eyes, leaves no white cast, doesn't feel heavy greasy post application. Gives a comfortable semi dewy finish. except very Oily Skin, i think most skin type will enjoy this.

Put Simply 

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