Fit for Festive - Hydration

A dehydrated body cannot function optimally. That also means a massive impact on metabolism. So the next time you want to rev up your metabolism try amping up that water intake.

How much? Roughly, a liter of water for every 25 kilos of body weight. * Medical cases need to be advised by the doctor. 

How? Eat more water-rich foods. Add flavour enhancers to make water more palatable. Drink non-caffeinated teas. Set yourself reminders to reach out for that water bottle. 

Tender Coconut Water Energy Drink - Pack of 27 - 200 ml each Organic Chia Seeds - 500gm 

Chia and coconut water make a great post workout hydration drink! Give it a try!

Super Herbs Refreshing Detox Health Drink ( For Women & Men) - Pack of 1 - 30 Infusers 

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Been trying to add chia seeds in my diet too! 😍

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