Hair Care Tips I wish I knew earlier

Well if only someone told me this, I’d have better hair! But at least now we know!

here are some hair care approaches that I realise were wrong or just not that useful even tho they seem to be:

1. not focusing on the scalp- the scalp is no different from our skin, nourishing it with oils, masks and more will help the scalp produce better hair. My favourite way to take care of my scalp is using an aloe and hibiscus DIY hair mist that is water based. I also exfoliate my scalp with an exfoliating shampoo once a week to remove any dead skin cells or product residue that may make my scalp look dull and sometimes even greasy.
Aloe Vera Gel - 100gm 
Hibiscus Petals - 100 g 
Scalp Goodies Combo - Exfoliating Gel + Gentle Shampoo 

2. using the wrong oils- now this was hard for me to do as well mostly because we grew up being told that one type of oil is better for you than the rest, but what if I told you that a mixture of all the best oils in a particular ratio is better than using only one of them? surprising right? but it is true, your hair has more than one need and you need to tend to them all- make a mixture of oils instead of using just one. for example, instead of using just coconut alone, use it with a mixture of jojoba, almond, castor and hemp oil, maybe even add some herbs to it like hibiscus or chamomile to get the best for you hair- I have done this and it is soooooo much better, there is no going back for me.
Coconut Oil, 500 ml 
Jojoba oil Cold pressed - 50 ml 
Urvi Naturals Castor oil - 100ml 

3. last one is using the same products on your scalp as you would for the lengths of your hair- this may sound high maintenance but girls, beauty is effort and pain LOL! products that you use for your scalp should be made for your scalp only! hope this makes sense.

anyways I hope you found this reel useful and save this for future reference or share it with someone you know who might need it!
See y’all next time!
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