DIY Hair Masks

Some amazing hair mask ingredients I personally swear by! 1) Fenugreek seeds: No other oil or treatment helps with my hair fall more than this. • Soak 1tsp of seeds overnight and blend it in morning with aloe gel/curd/water/flaxseed gel anything you want. • Apply on roots and wash off in 30 mins. 2) Flaxseeds: I use it as a liquid medium to blend my fenugreek seeds with. Can be used as a standalone ingredient. 3) Coconut Milk: Can be used as it is on scalp and hair lengths or mixed with ingredients of choice. I mix 1 tsp of hibiscus powder in coconut milk. Easy peasy. 4) Fresh aloe vera gel: Nothing beats freshly sourced gel directly from plant. Again can be used as standalone ingredient or mixed with your choices. Let me know if you prefer DIY Hairmasks or purchase ready to use one? 

Conscious Food Flax Seeds - 150 g 
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It helps to cure dandruff? 
Will it solve the problem of split ends?
From where can we get all these items?
Is it good for oily scalp Or dry scalp?
What's the price of coconut milk?
Really effective

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