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I create this traditional look by using this mahroon printed Saree I wear this Saree in Indian style then complete this look with some silver and gold jewelry

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  • Being Fit Vs Being Healthy

    A lot of people mistake being fit with having an ideal body. What they don’t understand is that being fit is not just confined to having an ideal figure and an attractive appearance but is a state...

  • Netflix & Munch

    Hummus is a classic for a reason. This is a go-to hummus recipe. It's a great spread for sandwiches, wraps, and crackers and a phenomenal dip for veggies. It can be used as a base for pasta sauces...

  • Nutrition

    Diet & lifestyle during Covid Source:   If you have come in direct or indirect contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19 disease, you need to quarantine yourself for at...



  • Safe cosmetics with Moraze

    Moraze Offers are the best ! So what are you waiting for, goo grab them asap..

  • Safe cosmetics with Moraze

    Bring colors to your life with Moraze Cosmetics..


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