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I wore anarkali kurti in blue colour this kurti look completed with nude makeup and a bindi I used huda lipstick nude pink shade

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  • Safe cosmetics with Moraze

    Moraze Offers are the best ! So what are you waiting for, goo grab them asap..

  • Safe cosmetics with Moraze

    Bring colors to your life with Moraze Cosmetics..

Can you please suggest me good night cream ?

I got this duppta from @zara this one of the best product I ever purchased the colour of duppta I'd blood red which is so, tempting amd looks amazing #duppta #zara

Suggest me good coverage foundation for daily use

I purchased this top from zara this top colour is pastel green which looks amazing and trendy the sleeves of top is ruffle so,it gives s elegant impact although it fits perfectly and give you a diva feel

I recently started using this moisturizer cum serum from herbotniq this is one of the best serums I ever used this helps in making skin more clear and radiant without making it dehydrating it also make it more healthy

#herbtoniq @herbtoniq 

No need to feel embarrassed in summer just because of bad odour because I have a great solution for you all @supersmelly this is the amazing product I ever used this deodorant is long lasting and gentle on my skin. And also makes me feel refreshing all over the day so, go ahead and buy for yourself too 


#supersmelly #deodorant 

I recently consuming those gummies from #purna those gummies are good for skin and hair it good in taste and good for health too. Those gummies are in Orange flavour which makes it more tastier it having so much benefit. 

#purna @purna

I was facing acne problems for quite a while now, I tried several products to get rid of pimples and finally came across this Medimix Ayurvedic Anti- pimple Facewash which gave me a different glow on my face also it helped me to get rid of pimples in no time. It smells really nice and economical as well as compared to products which are full of chemicals and harm skin as well. Thanks to @medimixayurveda I can now feel my skin healthier. I would recommend you to check  as it is safe to use on ski

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