• Koneenika Mallick

    WOW Coconut Milk Shampoo

    I got this shampoo from #WOWskinscience months back..

    🌴. Firstly, I have habit of diluting my shampoo with water. Also my scalp is neither oily not dry, combo I'll say (if combo scalp is even a thing).I take about 2 pumps of this shampoo to cleanse my whole scalp.

    🌴. It removes build-up and any grease off my scalp.

    🌴. It's really gentle on my scalp and I don't feel stripped.

    🌴. I'm not sure if it's CGfriendly or not.

    🌴. It also has a very coconut vanilla sort of scent🀭 and I...  more
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