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Maui Moisture Hair Care

[ @mauimoistureindia Hair Care]

Being a wavy head calls for moisture rich products. I choose the Shea Butter range out of the lot as it seemed perfect for my hair.

🌰 Shea Butter Hair Mask: Says for dry and damaged hair. I particularly liked this one more between the two.

How to use: On freshly shampooed hair, apply a dollop of mask to hair lengths and secure it in a bun and cover it with a heating cap/shower cap. Wash it off in 20-25 mins.

Absolutely love it’s slip! It’s sup...  more
I use wow red onion seed shampoo and conditioner also I loved the hair pack of wow and the vitamin E face cream 

  • Just Herbs
    Just Herbs

    With a promise to deliver 100 % ayurvedic, cruelty-free and chemical free products, Just Herbs is an Indian ayurvedic result-driven skin care and hair care brand.

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