Top 10 Skincare Trends of 2022

Posted in Skincare on July 20 2022 at 05:21 PM

There are a lot of skincare trends trending in 2022, but here, I’m gonna talk about the top 10 skincare trends of 2022.

Listed below are the top 10 skincare trends of 2022:

Gender-neutral skincare:


Gender-neutral skincare is the new and highly popular skincare trend of 2022. With talks about gender neutrality going all around the corner in full swing, a lot of top skincare brands have come up with gender-neutral skincare products that cater to all genders.


Waterless products:


Waterless products are the new go-to skincare products in 2022. Waterless products are products that instead of containing water, contain botanical ingredients and nourishing oils as their formula’s base.


Skin minimalism:


With more than half of 2022 already passed, skin minimalism is emerging as one of the top skincare trends of 2022. People are shifting from their heavy skincare routines to minimalist skincare approaches, in which they are able to achieve their skin goals by using just a handful of good ingredients that keep one’s skin hydrated and rejuvenated for long.


Fermented skincare:


Fermented skincare is quite high – in – demand in 2022. Products rich in fermented ingredients, like fermented tea and kombucha are being loved by a lot of people as they are known to have a lot of anti-aging benefits.




Retinol has become a highly popular skincare trend of 2022. As applying Vitamin A in the form of retinol greatly benefits the skin, the demand of skincare brands selling retinol-based serums and creams has drastically increased this year.


Multi-use skincare products:


Multi-use skincare products are in trend these days as now people are more interested in simplifying their skincare routines. Skincare products that save one’s time and serve multiple purposes for a person are becoming the new favourites of customers.   


Personalised skincare:


Personalised skincare is becoming a star of 2022. Now many platforms have started offering personalized skincare recommendations that are tailored as per an individual’s needs, skin type and skin concerns. This makes it quite easier for the customers to get products that are best suited for their skin.


LED light masks:


LED light masks are one of the top skincare trends of 2022 as LED mask treatment is a great way to wake up to gorgeous skin. LED light masks create a biostimulatory effect, which stimulates different pathways in one’s skin to reduce acne, boost collagen, calm the skin and promote healing.


Japanese indigo:


Japanese indigo is a new favourite of 2022. Skincare products having Japanese indigo components are blooming in the skincare industry because of its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.


Refillable/ compostable packaging:


Refillable/ compostable packaging is one of the main skincare trends of 2022. As now – a – days people are getting more aware and concerned about the effects of the things they use on the planet, a lot of platforms have started selling skincare products that come with the option of easy recycling/ refilling. 

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