No Maida & Sugar Free Apple Oats Pancakes

Posted in Nutrition on January 04 2022 at 11:22 AM
The struggle to make food taste great, and ensure it's healthy at the same is real! The premade mix or snacks? Out the window, once I take a good look at the ingredients and nutritional facts. It's simply unsafe for my toddler to consume that amount of preservatives or my husband who is a fitness enthusiast. 

Breakfast is particularly a big deal at home. We strongly think having good food at the start of the day results in a good mood throughout the day. On one of our recent vacations, I noticed my toddler loved pancakes that was served at the breakfast buffet and I wanted to make them at home without taking much time and ensuring it is nutritious at the same time. After much research, here is how I make the pancakes:

Serving size: for 2

Time taken: 20 min (the best part)

Suitable for: Diabetics & Heart patients, Fitness Enthusiasts, Toddlers, Gluten intolerant


8 tbsps oats Steel Cut Oats Gluten Free 1kg 
1 Egg (you can substitute egg with 2 spoons soaked  Chia Seeds - 350g )
1 medium sized apple, diced.
Half cup milk of your choice
2-3 Walnuts California Walnut Kernels for essential nutritional requirements - 200 gm 
2-3 Almonds. You can alternatively add Happy Jars Unsweetened Almond Butter 265g instead.
Honey/Jaggery as required for sweetness (can skip)
½ spoon cinnamon powder
Butter or ghee (coconut oil, if making it vegan). Praakritik is my go to brand for edible oils and ghee.

How to make:

1. Make a fine powder of the Oats in a blender & nuts. Set aside
2. Whisk the wet ingredients next. The egg/chia seeds with milk, add in the cinnamon powder
3. Add the wet mix to the dry ingredients and blend together. Toss in the apple at the end. 
4. Taste the batter and add in honey/jaggery if required. To make batter smooth, you can add in milk. 
5. Let the batter rest for 5-10mins
6. Take a non-stick pan and add enough butter to grease the pan. 
7. Once warm, add 3 tbsp of the batter and spread it evenly (a thickness of 2-3cms is good)
8. Wait till you see bubbles forming on the batter, before you flip them to the other side. This takes about 2 min on slow heat setting. 
9. Let it cook for about 30-45 seconds before removing it from the pan. 

Stack them together and enjoy. You can add maple syrup / whipped cream / fresh cut fruits as well as toppings. 

The best part about the recipe is that you can adapt it to different flavours like Banana, Berries, Peanut Butter, Chocolate!
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