An Anti-Aging Skin-Care Routine for Beginners

Posted in Skincare on January 04 2022 at 12:46 AM
It can be difficult to know where to begin with so many serums and moisturisers that claim to lift, tighten, and brighten your skin. So, if you want to start an anti-aging skin-care routine but aren't sure where to start, we've got you covered. Continue reading for some anti-aging skincare tips for beginners.

Sunscreen is a must-have
UVA and UVB rays are one of the leading causes of premature ageing in people of all skin types. The best way to protect your skin from them is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30.

Moisturizer is a must-have
Moisturizer, like broad-spectrum SPF, is a must in any anti-aging skin-care routine, and using the two together can help to make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your skin as you get older.

Incorporate an eye cream into your daily routine
Because the skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face, it's more likely to show signs of ageing sooner. By incorporating a daily eye cream into our routine, we can avoid this.

Include an Antioxidant Serum in your routine
External aggressors such as UV rays, smoke, and pollution produce free radicals, which are unstable molecules. These molecules can cling to the skin and damage cells, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. To get environmental protection from free radicals, try incorporating an antioxidant serum into your daily routine, like vitamin C.

Change Your Way of Life
Bad habits could be the source of some early signs of ageing when it comes to ageing. Eating junk food, not drinking enough water, smoking, laying out in the sun all day, and not getting enough sleep are all factors that can lead to premature skin ageing.
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