8 must-eat healthy foods during winter!

Posted in Nutrition on December 15 2021 at 10:40 PM
Winters are the perfect time for warm food, drinks and clothing. With ever changing metabolism and energy levels, the urge to stay fit goes up. So let’s buffet around the must-have items in our homes! 


1. Immunity boosting supplements: 
Health benefits: We're all aware of how winter can compromise our immunity system. You can enhance your body’s absorption of nutrients from the food you eat and get an added support boost from dietary supplements. 
How to eat: Supplements come in different forms - tablets, gummies, liquid/syrup or powder. Always speak to your healthcare provider before starting off on supplements. 


2. Wholegrains: 
Health benefits: To make your winters more healthy, consider adding whole grains to your diet. These boost your immune system, keeping your skin healthy, are good for gut health, helping in digestion. Whole grains are known for being rich in starch, fiber, protein and iron. 
How to eat: Pick any item from maize, bajra, pearl millet etc and include them in your diet. 


3. Jaggery & honey: 
Health benefits: You know what completes the Winter diet? A touch of jaggery and a dollop of honey! Jaggery, also known as Gur in Hindi, is not only a healthier alternative of sugar, but it also produces heat in the body, giving you that extra warmth. On the other hand, honey with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory skills, keeps your skin hydrated.
How to eat: So, it's time to replace your sugar with these two and lead a healthy life!


4. Teas: 
Health benefits: Cold and crisp winter evening with a cup of tea, does it get any better than this? Having tea during winter can boost your metabolism and promote fat oxidation. 
How to eat: Did you know that Green Tea and Matcha are both high in antioxidants? The next time you have tea, you can add a smidge of ginger to fight the cold weather.


5. Chyawanprash: 
Health benefits: A mix of different kinds of Ayurvedic herbs, Chyawanprash sure reminds us of our childhood! Along with the fact that it purifies our blood, it also improves digestion and does so much for our health. 
How to eat: Have it 2-3 times a day with warm water and watch it cleanse your respiratory system and boost your immunity this winter. 


6. Turmeric milk: 
Health benefits: Did you know that Turmeric offers you relief from the common cold, sinus, painful joints in winter and also manages your blood sugar levels? Having Turmeric with milk, also known as golden milk will give you that extra boost of immunity, as milk has calcium, protein and vitamin B12
How to eat: Add a pinch of turmeric with milk before bedtime and drink it to be in the best of your health. You can also choose from our range of turmeric latte!


7. Amla: 
Health benefits: Do you know what is known as the winter superfood? Amla! Why? Because it is the richest source of vitamin C, which is perfect to boost immunity. It also cleanses the colon and removes excess toxins from the body. 
What's more? 
It is effective against dandruff and other skin care issues during winter. 
How to eat: Pick any kind of amla available in the market and have it raw on an empty stomach every morning! 


8. Antioxidants: 
Health benefits: Mosambi or sweet lemon, beans, beets and spinach are the best antioxidants for winter. Vitamin C is mosambi aids in the production of collagen, while the others help in regulating the blood cholesterol levels. 
How to eat: You can consume the various antioxidants during a meal or after that. 
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