5 ready-to-eat breakfast to make your morning hours special and easy!

Posted in Nutrition on December 06 2021 at 09:09 PM

We all are aware of how breakfast is definitely the most important meal of your day. So here we are decoding some of the most sought-after breakfast cereal on kindlife, that are super easy to make. 


Fruit and Nut Muesli from True Elements

Apart from being tasty, this muesli is filled with vitamins and minerals. The presence of fruits along with nuts, makes it protein rich and gives you enough energy to get you through the day. Simply soak the muesli in milk for approximately 5 minutes before eating it. 

Health benefits: Sugar free, rich in dietary fiber.

Recommended for concerns like: Constipation, Heart health, Strengthening Bones.


Organic Poha from Praakritik

This gluten free and low calorie organic poha, has deliciousness blended right in. What makes it better? You can eat this as breakfast or even a snack in the evening. Simply add a dose of peanuts to make this rich in antioxidants.

Health Benefits: Rich in iron & good carbs.

Recommended for concerns like: Losing weight, controlling blood sugar levels.


Instant Ragi Cereal by Namhya

If you are looking to start your day with the goodness of super grains, look no further! With Ragi, Almonds and Oats as its key ingredients, this cereal is rich in fiber, magnesium and calcium. All you need to do is add some warm milk or water - and you are good to go.

Health Benefits: Reduces Cholesterol, Improves Bone Health.

Recommended for concerns like: Diabetes, Digestion, Weight management.


Dark Chocolate Almond Oatmeal from Goodio Eats

A chocolate-y start to the day? This oatmeal is packed with all the healthy yumminess you could ask for - nuts, seeds, whole grains and dark chocolate. Another reason? There is no added sugar or preservatives. Guilt free indulgence indeed!

Health benefits: Goodness of antioxidants & wholegrains.

Recommended for concerns like: Gut health, General wellbeing.


The Fancy Breakfast club: 

Wouldn't it be amazing if somebody curates the perfect breakfast for you? The fancy breakfast club does exactly that and more! This super nutritious box contains super healthy food for making your mornings perfect. 

Health benefits: Gives the correct amount of energy with dietary fibers and protein.  

Recommended for concerns like: Energy Boost & Weight Management.

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These look so good! Definitely want to try the poha and ragi cereal.

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