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BUJO: What Is It & How To Get Started


BUJO or bullet journaling is a method to jot down tasks or ideas using pen and paper. This type of journaling is easy to track and does not require too much time + yields maximum productivity. Here are some easy ways to get started.

Step 1: Equipment

Most BUJO's that we see online are highly aesthetic, artistic and organized. Remember your BUJO should only serve you. It has to be productive more than pretty.
To get started all you need is a notebook (ruled, unruled, dotted is your preference) and writing tools (pencils, ball point pens, gel pens again are your preference). Make sure your notebook is big enough to contain all your content. You can also buy a planner to get started, but we advise to start with a simple notebook. It won't be restrictive and will give you more space to work with.

Step 2: Index

This will be your reference to find specific sections or pages in your BUJO without having to manually browse the entire journal. Write page numbers at the top/ bottom of each page and update your index by month's end.

Image: Wellella

Step 3: Logs

This is where you pen down tasks and projects that you are working on. This also serves as a roadmap for future goals.
The three types of logs a BUJO typically has are:
1. Future Log- things that don't require immediate attention and can be done over a period of time.


2. Monthly Log- this is where you write down things you want to do over the month or highlight specific events.


3. Daily Log- this will include your daily to-do lists, meetings, reminders etc.


Step 4: Add Signifiers

This will help you differentiate between tasks. These are some common signifiers used in BUJO.
A bullet for list of tasks (.)
A circle for events (o)
A dash for notes (-)
A star for high priority tasks 




Step 5: Notes

Typically kept towards the end of your notebook since they don't change often. It could be reminders like "No Buy" or "Books you want to read" etc

Step 6: Customize & Have Fun

BUJO should not be a task, although initially it may feel like one. Remember its a physical tracker that helps you note down and plan your day/month so you can have mental space to be more productive. 

Step 7: Make Time

Take out 10-15 minutes at the end of the day to cross of tasks from your daily or monthly lists. Update your plans for the next day or cross out items that are no longer required.

What are your thoughts on BUJO? Is it something you will be trying out for yourself?


Picture Credits: Wellella & Bullet Journal

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