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Posted in K Beauty on March 16 2023 at 12:00 PM

Once more, what is an ampoule? Since the South Korean beauty business took off abroad a few years ago, Korean beauty, also known as K-beauty, has become a subject of study for skin-care enthusiasts everywhere. However, if you're just starting out or feel like it's too late to inquire, the terms of the art can still be confusing. The Cut has compiled a useful glossary of K-beauty words used frequently below.





One more of those K-Beauty-only terms is the word essence. In essence, they are similar to serums in that the active components are concentrated. Essences, on the other hand, have a lighter substance that allows for quicker skin absorption. Therefore, consider them to be a cross between a cleanser and a serum. Others might concentrate on anti-aging or water. The efficacy of the products you layer on top of essences, like your night cream, is also increased.  




Think of an emulsion as a delicate moisturiser, similar to a lotion rather than a cream. Or consider the term emollient, which is basically another word for moisturiser. They should be used following your serums. Emulsions can be applied at night for additional hydration, or they can be worn during the day for moisture that isn't too heavy.



You may be acquainted with the concept of a mist. The term "spray" is more frequently used in American cosmetics. But toners that are contained in misting vessels are typically mists. Mists are typically face moisture sprays that can be applied before or after makeup to prepare the skin or to alleviate dryness all day. Some mists help keep your makeup in position by acting like a setting spray.





A skin care product is an ampoule. Ampoules are typically sold in tiny bottles with droppers and have a high concentration of active ingredients. Ampoules are typically used after essences but before serums when layering remedies. Going from lightest to heaviest when layering is a good general guideline.



Peeling means exfoliating. Exfoliation should be done after cleansing and should never be overdone, typically twice a week is enough.



The term used for radiant, glowing skin. The levels of shine intensity can be distinguished with how dewy the skin looks -  deeply hydrated and glossy, as opposed to matte skin. 

Bubi bubi


 This term literally means “rubbing.” It is a further depiction of how to apply a skincare product that calls for some type of rubbing with fingertips.


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