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Posted in Skincare on March 16 2023 at 11:52 AM

People who suffer from acne now frequently choose acne patches. To accelerate the healing process and reduce inflammation, these tiny, adhesive patches are intended to be applied over a pimple. Here's how to use acne patches successfully if you're considering them for your acne.


Choose the right acne patch 


Acne patches come in a variety of forms, so it's crucial to pick the one that best suits your requirements. Look for patches that are made for your particular form of acne. While some patches are made to treat blackheads or cystic acne, others are better suitable for treating whiteheads. Additionally, it's crucial to pick a patch that is the proper size and form for your zit.



Clean and Dry the area


It's essential to clean and dry the affected area before using an acne patch. After cleaning the region of any dirt, oil, or makeup with a mild cleanser, pat it dry with a fresh cloth. This will make it more likely that the patch will adhere correctly and remain in position.



Apply and let it work it’s magic 


Carefully position the acne patch over the zit after removing it from its backing. To make sure the patch adheres correctly to the skin, gently press down on its edges. Make sure there are no gaps around the edges and that the patch fully covers the pimple.


The majority of acne patches work best when applied for several hours or overnight. To find out how long the patch should be worn, refer to the directions on the packaging. The patch shouldn't be touched or picked at because doing so could make it come loose and lessen its efficacy.


Remove the patch once it turn white 

Carefully peel the acne patch off from the borders when it's time to remove it. To prevent irritating the skin or escalating the inflammation, be careful when removing the patch. The patch has absorbed oil or pus from the pimple if it has turned white, which is an indication that it has done so. This is a reliable sign that the fix has served its purpose and is prepared for removal.


You can try again by putting a fresh patch if the pimple is still there after you remove the patch. The majority of acne patches can be applied more than once, but it's crucial to follow the directions on the box and change the patch as needed.



In the battle against acne, acne patches can be an effective weapon. You can successfully use acne patches to hasten the mending process and reduce inflammation by following these easy steps. Choose the appropriate patch for your needs, clean and dry the affected area, correctly apply the patch, leave it in place for the advised amount of time, carefully remove it, and repeat as necessary. You can aid in reducing the severity of your acne and achieving better, younger-looking skin by being patient and persistent.

For pre-acne care i.e when the pimple  just pops up on your skin, kindlife’s recommendation for you is the Vegan microneedle acne patch by Nolahour - 


For everyday use to keep dirt and pollution aways, these are a few recommendations for you: 


For post acne, to remove marks and scars, you can opt for one of these: 


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