How Sonam Kapoor stays in shape with clean eating

Posted in Fitness on February 24 2023 at 04:03 PM

Sonam Kapoor, one of India's most fashionable celebrities, is known for making bold fashion statements on the red carpet. However, what's equally impressive is her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Despite her hectic schedule as an actor, Kapoor has managed to stay in fantastic shape and maintain her weight loss journey.

"I believe in living a healthy lifestyle," she says. "I don't drink alcohol, I sleep early, I wake up early and exercise, and I also eat very clean." Kapoor's approach to fitness and nutrition is straightforward and easy to follow. She swears by regular exercise, a predominantly vegetarian diet, and clean eating habits.

Kapoor's exercise routine includes a mix of Pilates, yoga, and Indian classical dance. Even on her busiest days, she ensures to find time for exercise. Depending on her schedule, she may adjust the timing of her workout, but she never misses a day. She also packs her meals from home while shooting, ensuring that she sticks to her healthy eating habits.

When it comes to her diet, Kapoor is a predominantly vegetarian who indulges in seafood once or twice a week. She avoids meat in all forms and tries to follow a vegan diet as much as possible. Kapoor is currently following the guidance of nutritionist Radhika Karle, who helps her plan meals that are packed with nutrients.

A typical day in Kapoor's diet includes avocados for breakfast, a bowl of nuts for a mid-morning snack, a big bowl of salad with tofu or jowar/bajra roti with dal and sabzi for lunch, nuts or avocado for an evening snack, and a bowl of soup or fish or pulses for dinner. When she's preparing for a movie role, Kapoor avoids carbs for a certain period of time and opts for fruits instead.

While Kapoor admits to indulging in dairy products when travelling in Europe, she tries to limit her intake, believing that dairy isn't good for us. Kapoor's approach to fitness and nutrition is all about balance, which is reflected in her disciplined lifestyle.

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