Richa Chadha's journey of Veganism

Posted in Nutrition on February 24 2023 at 04:00 PM

Richa Chadha, an Indian actress known for taking unconventional roles and speaking her mind, recently opened up about her journey from being a vegetarian to a vegan. In a recent interview, she shared how she made the switch and why she believes that a vegan diet is a smarter choice for everyone.

Growing up in Delhi, Chadha was surrounded by rich and indulgent food, but she had always been a vegetarian. She decided to give up dairy products after learning about the reality of the dairy industry through research and documentaries. According to Chadha, the dairy industry is one of the leading causes of pollution, with vast areas of forest land being cleared for grazing cattle, contributing to global warming and climate change. After giving up dairy, she made a full transition to veganism two years ago.

Chadha admits that the toughest thing for her was to give up butter and cheese. However, she has noticed an improvement in her overall health, including her skin and hair texture, since making the switch. While she occasionally consumes plant-based milks like soy and almond, she doesn't miss milk and only uses coconut milk in her tea.

Managing her vegan diet while traveling and shooting on location requires planning and awareness. She carries nuts, supplements, and protein bars, as vegetarian options often contain cheese. However, she believes that it's easy to get good protein from vegetarian food, debunking the myth that meat and eggs are necessary for protein.

Chadha has an organic garden in Mumbai, where she grows a variety of herbs, greens, and fruits like pomegranate, guava, and litchi. Her suggestion to those considering a vegan diet is to use logic, as humans are not built to digest milk from another mammal, and many people are lactose intolerant. Chadha believes that a vegan diet is a healthier option and debunked the myth that calcium can only be obtained from milk.

Regarding vegan pregnancies, Chadha has no reference point, but she believes that veganism is a healthier option in general. As an actor, she admits that it's challenging to monitor what comes in, especially when offered ads for brands or products that contain animal derivatives or use animal products.

In conclusion, Richa Chadha's journey to veganism highlights the importance of being aware of the reality of the food industry and making informed choices for our health and the environment. With growing research supporting the benefits of a plant-based diet, more people may follow Chadha's lead in making the switch to veganism.


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