Perfect Recipe for Date Night

Posted in Community 101 on January 31 2023 at 08:02 PM

This inexpensive, flavorful homemade spaghetti with garlic and extra virgin olive oil is perfect for a date night with your special someone or just to make it for yourself . And you can re-create the cute spaghetti scene from the lady and the tramp.



It's a traditional Italian pasta dish that just needs a few inexpensive ingredients, minimal work, and ten minutes to prepare.


It's a wonderful, flavorful spaghetti recipe that can be made in a flash and is always useful. Perfect for sharing with friends or when you decide to have spaghetti for supper tonight after a hard day.


Garlic and olive oil spaghetti is easy, affordable, tasty, filling, and enjoyable.

I'll make good on my word—the delightful aroma of garlic and chilli flakes softly frying in olive oil will lift your spirits!


Ingredients and Where to get them:


1. Regular or whole wheat spaghetti:

2. Extra virgin olive oil: 

3. Garlic cloves or Garlic Seasoning: 

4. Fresh or dried chilli flakes: 

5. Salt: 

6. Parmesan cheese (optional)

7. Parsley (optional)


How to make the special pasta: 


Cook the pasta al dente stage of cooking spaghetti. In the interim, gently sauté garlic and chilli in olive oil. Save half a cup of the cooking water after draining the spaghetti.

To the skillet, add spaghetti and parsley. Add just enough cooking water to keep the pasta wet. If you don't keep it vegan, add parmesan cheese to the dish. If desired, add more parsley and chilli flakes. Enjoy!

It's straightforward, real food. Serve it with our favourite mocktail.


Serve with our favourite cocktail mix 


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