Gifting Ideas for this Valentiens

Posted in Community 101 on January 31 2023 at 04:11 PM

After the Christmas commotion has subsided, Valentine's Day is the next significant event on our calendars. Valentine's Day is the ideal opportunity to express your gratitude to the significant people in your life, which is why our list is filled with a wide variety of gift suggestions. No matter whom you are celebrating Valentines these presents cover a range of recipients, from the romantic to the sentimental to the useful.


This Valentine's Day, are you celebrating with a new partner? We've included a few modest little goodies that your boyfriend or girlfriend is sure to adore even if you don't want to go all out. The same applies to those who have been in committed relationships for a while and no longer observe Valentine's Day. If you are following the steps of Miley Cyrus and want to give yourself some flowers and a serene night to yourself we have included some gift ideas.


Here are some thoughtful ideas for Her: 


If your girl loves self-care and indulges in the idea of calming nights, Sukoon Gift Set - Set of 1 Scented Candle, 1 Tea and 1 Cookie Tin is the best gift.


For someone whose life revolves around food and snacks this is the best you can get her Hamper with Indian single origin bars and Organic Dragees .


If your girl loves long baths and moisturised skin along with some bathroom singing Kimirica Love Story Bath Care Kit for Men & Women is the best you can get.


Here are some thoughtful ideas for Him: 


Girls, if your man focuses on healthy eating and loves to go to gym Healthy Snack Box - MidNight Munchies is the perfect gift to make sure he gets sufficient protein intake.


If you’re amongst those girls who love their man with a beard, get him Cafe valentino Beard Oil, Beard Wash, Brush, Beard & Mustache Wax .


We all love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, get him Coffee De-stress Gift Kit so that he can smell like freshly brewed coffee.


Here are some thoughtful ideas to pamper your inner Miley Cyrus:


Gift yourself a Luxe gift box- Set of 3 scented candles to lit up your inner senses and have the night of your life with a glass of wine.


An ideal gift for pampering your skin and hair would be a Hexagon Set with Lavender

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