Four shower mistakes you’re making right now!!!

Posted in Skincare on January 24 2023 at 12:46 PM

Did you know that we spend about 1.5 years of our lives on the toilet? Yes, it is! It's not surprising because hygiene is so important no matter how much time you spend cleaning.But most of us get it wrong. Many of us are unaware of the mistakes we make while showering.

  1. Not showering after a workout


If you have been avoiding taking a bath after a workout or any physical activity then you should not. Taking a shower post-workout will not keep you away from the odour but also help you to stay clear from bacteria that sweat stimulates. If avoided the same can lead to rashes. 


I would pick Acne Control Body Wash with Ceramides, 3% Pentavitin + 1% Salicylic Acid - 236ml for keeping the body acne away.


  1. Taking a hot shower


I understand that it's cold outside, and a long hot shower sounds like the best thing in the world. However, excessively hot water can aggravate skin conditions such as eczema and dry, itchy skin. Stick to warm water instead.


I would pick Love Story Jasmine Shower Gel - 270ml which nourishes and keeps the skin soft and hydrated. 


  1. You start by shaving your legs. 


We've all been there: you're in a hurry and pull out the razor right away. If you don't have time, it might be better not to shave at all. Wait at least 15 minutes for the heat from the water to soften the hair and open up the follicles for really smooth legs which leaves bumpy skin and ingrown hair.This causes strawberry legs.


I would grab bottles of 5% Lactic Acid Body Lotion (Unscented) to get rid of strawberry legs and hydrate the skin.


  1. Exfoliating on a daily basis. 


You may believe that daily exfoliation is the best way to remove dirt and oil buildup. But it isn't. Scrubbing too hard can cause your skin to become oilier, trapping more dirt and bacteria. Instead, use a gentle scrub a few times per week, or even once a week at night.

I would pick Smoothing Gel Body Scrub Damask Rose & Lavender and Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut both of them are gentle on the skin and removes the dead skin.

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