#QUITSUGAR 30 days Challenge with yoga expert Sharan Khanna

Posted in Clean Living on January 17 2023 at 12:33 PM

No sugar challenge has one basic rule is to cut off all kinds of processed sugar found in sodas, biscuits, cakes , ketchup and even salad dressings. But why cut out something that always tastes so good?! 


Sugar is an empty calorie. Adding it to foods and drinks significantly increases their calorie content without any nutritional benefit. The body usually digests these foods and drinks quickly. This means that they are not a good source of energy and that is harmful for the body. 


Excess levels of sugar can lead to 

- Weight gain

- High blood sugar leading to diabetes 

- Heart disease 

- Skin aging 

- Fatigue 

- Depression & anxiety 

- Dental problems 

- Disrupts sleep 

Hence it has a negative impact on both physical as well as mental health . 


Is it okay to not have sugar at all ?

 While there are no adverse physical health effects associated with quitting added sugar intake, as long as you do so responsibly and couple it with healthy eating choices that are nutrient dense like :

1. Vegetables : broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, carrots 

2. Fruits : apples, oranges, berries, grapes , cherries 

3. Proteins : chicken, fish, tofu , eggs 

4. Healthy fats : egg yolks, nuts, seeds, unsweetened yogurt 

5. Complex carbs : beans, quinoa, sweet potatoes

6. Unsweetened beverages : water , herbal teas, coconut water 


Quitting sugar will sure have temporary withdrawal symptoms  but this will subside in a few days. 



Sharan Khanna x kindlife 


Sharan khanna , a level 2 certified Ashtanga yoga teacher under Shri Bharat Shetty (IndeaYoga, Mysore) with kindlife has started a #quitsugar challenge for the next 30 days to inspire others to adopt a clean eating lifestyle because of  it's the overarching benefits on the mind & body. 

Completing the #quitsugar challenge will give you the feeling of accomplishment, increased energy , increased focus, better sleep, glowing skin , increased weight management and close to 0 anxiety.



Rules of the #quitsugar 30 days challenge   

1. Skip sugar & added sugar for the next 30 days.

2. Share a daily update on your Instagram stories with #quitsugar30 & tag & @sharankhannayoga 

3. You can opt for natural sugars like coconut sugar, jaggery & honey. Checkout Sharan Khanna's store for sugar alternatives


How you can overcome those cravings 

- Start your day with a high protein meal this will give you great energy to survive through the day & control sugar cravings that usually increase as the day ends. 

- Whenever you feel like you're craving sugar , drink a glass full of water. Hydration can help carb cravings.  

- Prepare smaller meals ahead so whenever you crave sugar you can eat up quickly & thus carbs those hunger pangs. 

- Exercise, which leads to release of 'endorphins' or the happy hormone that'll help turn cravings off. 



On completion of the #quitsugar challenge you'll get 3 group classes or one  personal session with our yoga expert Sharan Khanna expense free . It just adds to the numerous health benefits & improved changes you'll experience after the challenge. 


Join the no sugar challenge and don't sugarcoat your favorites!




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