DIY Masks for Winters

Posted in Skincare on December 07 2022 at 09:03 AM

As warm and cuddly winters can be, they can be equally brutle on our skin and if you’re somone with dry skin? A nightmare. With this dry, flaky skin you need to have more and more hydration that stays intact. Although face scubs, cleansers, toners, and moisturiserscan help to keep your skin healthy but face masks are also essential to nourish your face. If you’re a fan of natural, clean ingredients that are kind to your skin in this harsh weather then this is for you.



1. Coffee Mask

Coffee being an excellent exfoliator brightens the sull and dry skin skin, and increases blood flow. Mixed with other indregients it works like magic and provides the ultimate for your dull and flaky skin. 


• 1 tbsp coffee grounds

• Cocoa powder

• Honey

• Milk

Mix all the ingredients together in a paste. Aplly the mask to your face using hands or a brush applicator. Let this sit for 20 mins and then wash off with water. You can use this mask once a week.  



2. Rice Flour Mask

Rice flour has anti-inflamatory properties, that helps sooth sunburns. Other ingredients like oatmeal and honer are natural cleansers and nourish the skin deeply. 


• 1 tbsp rice flour

• 1 tbsp oatmeal

• Honey

Mix all the ingredients and apply on face and neck. Rinse off after 20 minutes. This maks can be applied once in a week.



3. Banan Honey Face Mask

Banana acts as a moisturizer for the skin and so does honey and can work wonders in hydrating your skin. 


• 1 ripe banana

• 2 tbsp honey

Mash the banana and mix the honey well to make a fine paste. Apply the pack on your face and massage well. Leave it for a few minutes and then wash off with luke warm water. 



4. Coconut oil and Shea Butter

Coconut oil and shea butter are known to hydrate by penetrating deep into your skin. Coconut oil evens out the skin tone and the shea butter makes it more elastic. 


• 1 tbsp shea butter

• 1 tbsp coconut butter

Mix both the ingredients well and apply on your face and massage gently. Let your skin drench in the oils for a good 15 to 20 minutes and then wash off. 



5. Orange is the New Black!

This mask has orange peel powder and aloe vera in it. The orange peel powder is full of Vitamin C and citric acid, both of which help in brightening the skin. Aloe vera is hydrating and has anti-inflamatory.


• 1 tbsp orange peel powder

• 2 tbsp aloe vera gel

• ½ tsp cucumber juice (optional)

Mix all the ingredients and make a tick paste. After 10 to 15 mins wash off and let it air dry or pat gently on your skin.



6. Avocado and Honey 

Spell hydration with honey and avocado in the same mask. With two of the most nourishing ingredients this mask also gives your skin a dewy glow. Avocado has anti-oxidents that not only prevents aging but also give intense hydration



7. Honey-Epsom Salt Face Mask

Commonly known as ‘sendha namak’ in hindi is an excellent exfoliator, flushes out the toxins and also helps with inflammaton. And honey as we know by now is a great hydrator. The combination of the two gets you a face mask that fights against dry, flaky and dull skin.


• 2 tbsp Epsom salt

• 2 tbsp of honey

Mix the two ingredients well into a paste and apply it to your face. Massage your face and let the mixture sit for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water.

And voila! Just like that you have 7 DIY masks you can choose from to get that warm glow in this freezing time of the month. Follow these quick and easy to make masks and don’t let the chills haunt your skin.

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