Collagen : The Most Common Myths, Winter Edition

Posted in Nutrition on December 03 2022 at 11:08 PM

Imagine plump pouts, and shiny, taut skin without the word “collagen” popping up? We say not possible. Collagen has unique properties that can’t be found in other protein sources, which is why I add it into my routine. Collagen is something your body already makes a lot of. The most ample protein in the body is not only responsible for the “bounce-back” quality of our skin that makes us appear youthful and vibrant, but it also strengthens our bones, ligaments, and tendons and makes up parts of vital organs throughout the gut and digestive system. But, unfortunately many people lack the complete knowledge on how to use it and how it works which results in myths. Superfan or sceptic, the best results come from being fully informed.



1.       Not everything that glitters is gold

Just like that not every collagen is the same. There are different types of collagen with three basic categories.

Type 1 – This type makes up for 90% of our body’s collagen. It helps to manage fine lines and wrinkles.

Type 2 – This type is found in elastic cartilage, which provides joints support.

Type 3 – This type is found intestines, bowels, uterus, and bone marrow. It’s important for the early stages of wound healing.

Thus, the different sources we consume collagen from have different amounts of each type. So, it may be best to know which type and source suits your needs best.



2.      Collagen creams increase skin elasticity and firmness

Collagen creams do help in increasing firmness of the skin but only to an extent because collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the epidermis to enrich the skin. For naturally younger looking skin, it is essential to supplement your diet with collagen builders. One of the reasons winter skin feels itchy is because it loses the elasticity and collagen also improves our skin’s ability to rebound and reduces sagging.



3.      It is impossible to restore lost collagen

This is not true because our body never stops producing collagen only the amount of production reduces. Specially when winter dries the skin, collagen can actually increase skin water retention. The production of collagen needs to be improved by consuming active ingredients and food items that can aid collagen production.



4.      Too young to see the results

A little tricky but it still is a myth. Before 20 there is not really a need for collagen supplements because our body is at it’s peak of producing collagen. But it is believed that we lose 1% of our collagen every year once we hit our twenties. Also everyone ages at different paces, depending on genetics, diets, smoking habits, UV exposure, and more. Nonetheless collagen benefits can be seen from late twenties.


The bottom line is that in the winter, your skin needs all the help it can get. By making just 8-12 grams of collagen per day part of your routine, you can vastly improve your skin plus boost immune, cardiovascular, and digestive health. Collagen has unique properties that can’t be found in other protein sources, which is why we should add it to our routine. It is good to start your day with collagen vibes and a smoothie is the best way to go. In order to maintain healthy levels of collagen in the body and there by radiant and youthful skin it is important to ensure that you supplement your body with external sources of collagen builders. Some collagen boosting supplements are listed below for convenience.







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